Photo rules

There are the photo rules which applies to Decate. Photos which break these rules will be deleted without warning.

  • Photos in your album can be of you, your cat or your car. Your avatar photo must be of you and must follow the rules below.
  • Photos which contain anything which is homophobic, sexist, racist, gory, or violent or which is discriminating against a certain group of people will be removed. Photos which are of only text are not allowed.
  • Photos of you must have your whole or part of your face visible. For example, photos of only your stomach or legs are not allowed.
  • Naked photos are not allowed. Read below for more info.
  • Applies to girls: Girls are allowed to wear bikini so long as the face is visible and no sexual organs or buttocks show. Photos in underwear only are not allowed.
  • Applies to boys: Shirtless photos are allowed to long as the person in the photo is wearing pants or shorts and the pants or shorts are not too low. How low can they be? If it feels too low, it is. Underwear photos are not allowed. Buttocks or pubic area must not show.